LA's #1 Bartending School!!!

Often people ask us why Los Angeles Bartending School is the #1 school in Los Angeles. We think it is best to give you 10 good reasons why to choose us. So here they are:

#1 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: Price

All of our students pay the same low price. Beware of schools that try gimmicks such as "scholarships", or schools that won't quote you a price over the phone. Others claim that they have a low price and then add registration and book fees.We charge a great price for a great service.

#2 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: BPPVE Certified

LA Bartending School is recognized and registered with the California Board of Private, Post Secondary and Vocational Education.

#3 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: Professionalism

At L.A. Bartending School, we strive to deliver the best and most comprehensive hands on training as possible. Our trainers not only have bartending experience, but training experience as well. We give our students needs the highest priority while maintaining an environment that is conducive to rapid learning. Our students come here to learn how to bartend... and that is our number one focus.

#4 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School Integrity:

We offer a GREAT service at a GREAT price. You will not find any "sheisty" sales people here. We're the "real deal" in North Hollywood.

We have NEVER received a complaint about our school, and our aim is to keep it that way. It has often been said that "you can't please everybody"......but we respectfully disagree.

Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: Keepin' It Real

It's true!! We are keepin' it real. Our school and curriculum, were designed to simulate a real working experience behind the bar. 70% of your time in our classroom is spent behind the bar mixing drinks for a lively crowd. This is a real bar....the only difference is that all of the bottles contain colored water. This means that you will be mixing between 100 to 200 drinks every single night in the class. In our efforts to "keep it real", we turn down the lights, crank up the music and mix drinks so you're prepared when you get out to your job. Come watch a class at our North Hollywood Bartending campus!

#6 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: Scheduling

At LA Bartending School, you'll learn around your own schedule. We have classes starting every Monday. Take your pick....morning, afternoon, or nights. We even have Saturday classes for those that are just too busy during the week. Please visit our Schedules page for more details, or just give us a call. (818) 645-5558 (That's our North Hollywood bartending school)

#7 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: The Jobs

Our experience has shown us that there are job opportunities every single day within Los Angeles county (or any city for that matter). The trick is finding the jobs. Our staff is dedicated to going out and locating those jobs for our students. In addition, as part of our curriculum, we conduct resume writing, interviewing, and job hunting modules. As a result of these efforts, we receive calls every week by our graduates with stories of great success.

#8 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: Our Location

LA Bartending School is conveniently located in the heart of North Hollywood. Our school just down the street from Univeral Studios and very close to all of the major freeways in Los Angeles. See our Location page for maps and driving directions.

#9 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: Enrollment Caps

We only accept 12 students maximum per class. This ensures that every student gets equal time behind the bar as well as uncompromised access to the instructor. We have six state of the art mixing stations, and with 12 students...we pair off. 6 behind the bar, and 6 customers. We have found that both sides of the bar are equally as benificial to our students.

#10 Reason to choose Los Angeles Bartending School: A Steady Pace

At L.A. Bartending, we assume that every student that walks through our door knows nothing about bartending. With that, we start off with the very basics of how the bar is set up, how to hold the bottle, all the way down to how to pour. From there, we increase the pace to a steady balance of ease vs. challenge. By the end of your first week, you will have at least 50 drinks under your belt.

These are just 10 reasons why you should choose LA Bartending School. If you'd like to find out more, please call us to schedule your free tour at our North Hollywood campus and you can probably come up with some of your own reasons for....Why Us!

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