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The only school in Los Angeles to guarantee jobs for our graduates!


Bartender Certification

In addition to working weekly events, our local bartending school in Los Angeles graduates have over a 90% success rate getting permanent bartending jobs from our network of bars, clubs, events, restaurantsd and more.

Bartender Training in Los Angeles

National Bartenders Schools started in 1984 with our first campus in Los Angeles, California. Ever since, we’ve grown and now feature high quality, affordable bartending schools from California to Wisconsin to New York.


This place is amazing! Not only are the staff great but the drinks are great! Luis is the best he was helpful through everything and very knowledgeable. I wish I knew about this place sooner. Definitely would recommend to everyone.


Researched a couple of schools and I visited this one and I enjoyed talking to Patty. I was concerned about how training was but knowing they have guaranteed job placement settled it for me!


I came in knowing nothing about bartending or spirits really and now I can tell the different between old gin and new gin. All these different cocktails that I’ve never heard of. It’s an amazing school filled with helpful teachers.



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Los Angeles Bartending School

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